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Aspire11 Press Release

ADG MLK LLC Pledges $500,000
to the Hilltop Community

The Aspire11 Hilltop Community Endowments annual grants will support organizations through the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation. With its establishment, the Endowment will play a part in helping the Hilltop Community where the Aspire11 building is located.

Official Fund Description:

The Aspire 11 Hilltop Community Endowments annual grants should aim to increase the socioeconomic, health, and education outcomes of those living or working in the Hilltop Community, who face economic hardships.

The Endowment will be established through a $50,000 donation and will increase each year by $50,000 until the fund meets the ADG MLK LLC pledge of $500,000. Each year, the Endowment will disperse the interest accrued from the fund. As time goes by, the interest amount will grow, and so will the impact of the financial contribution to the community.

Community is an essential aspect of Aspire11, and as this fund grows in perpetuity, its roots in the community will be more profound. The Endowment will disperse funds to the community forever and continue to mature within the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, a 501(C)(3) organization located in Tacoma. For more financial information, please visit